Image depicting the outside of the UofL contactless branch.

On Campus Branches

We're Cardinals to the core. And we're here to help you establish your financial foundation while getting involved in on-campus activities.

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From helping members create a financial foundation to assisting with retirement planning, we're here for all Cardinals through every stage of life. Stop by our branch at 408 South Hancock Street to learn more about becoming a member! 

No contact? No problem.

Need cash on the go? Our on-campus contactless branch across from the police department has 24 hour ATM access and a Live Video Teller available. Got a question, or just need to grab some quick cash for lunch? Use this top-of-the-line technology to speak to a representative, or simply use it as an ATM to access your funds.

Live Video Tellers take care of your typical teller transactions, and the Commonwealth Credit Union teller will guide you through every step of your transaction. A contactless branch doesn't mean you lose access to our many benefits and options available for assistance. These machines can carry out such services as:

  • Speak with a Live Teller
  • Deposit Cash or Checks
  • Withdrawals with Custom Bill Mix
  • Check Balances
  • Transfers
  • Loan Payments
  • Cash Checks
Image depicting the inside of the UofL contactless branch, with a focus on the Live Video Teller machine.

We're here to support the University of Louisville community.

You'll see us on campus doing everything from assisting on move-in day to sponsoring events on campus. Check out the updated list of where we'll be and what we're doing.

Plus, we support U of L students by proudly funding scholarships for students who are driven to succeed. It's all part of investing in our members so they can reap the benefits of membership.

U of L students

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Cardinal Parents

You'll know your children have a financial partner for life when they join Commonwealth Credit Union.

Commonwealth Credit Union is a full-service, not-for-profit financial institution with branches throughout Kentucky, serving as the official credit union of the University of Louisville.
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