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Make a Payment | Personal

Ready to pay bills? Pay your Commonwealth Credit Union loans from your account with us or from somewhere else. 

Two easy ways to make your payments

Option 1: Pay From Your Commonwealth Credit Union Account

Transfer funds from your Commonwealth Credit Union Savings or Checking account.
  • Simply login to Online Banking and select the Transfers option.
  • For the “From,” select the appropriate credit union Savings or Checking account to use in making the payment.
  • In the “To” dropdown box, select the loan account you want to make a payment on.
You will see the transaction in the Transaction History for the accounts you used for the payment transaction. It’s that simple! Just login to Online Banking to begin!

Option 2: Make Payments From Another Financial Institution

Through our free, secure Online Loan Payment Service, pay your Commonwealth Credit Union loans with your Visa Debit Card, Mastercard Debit, Discover Debit, or an Electronic Check from ANY financial institution.

All payments will be posted at ~7:15 pm the same day, with mortgages posted the next business day. A business day runs 6pm to 6pm.

Before proceeding to the secure online payment center, you will need your Commonwealth Credit Union member number and your loan ID. Member Number should begin with 36, 307, 308, 178 or 781. Loan Number should be 2 digits (For example, 61, 02, etc.). Please do not include letters or special characters in either of these fields.

A receipt will be sent to you via the email you provide to us on the payment portal.

Enjoy our new Online Loan Payment Experience! Same convenient service with new features, like the ability to schedule recurring payments and receive text reminders!

A Better Online Loan Payment Experience is Here

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Set up an account profile so that you don't have to re-enter your information each time!
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When you register and set up your account profile, you have the ability to schedule recurring payments.
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WIth PayPrompt, we'll send you automatic text reminders when your payment is due. Or, we can set you up with automatic payments. Either way, we're here to help!
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Rest easy knowing you're submitting your loan payment using our secure online loan payment service. 

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