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Barbasol Championship
July 7-10
Kenne Trace Golf Course
State Employee Discount with code: CCUGOLF

Understanding Your Rollover Options
May 10th, 6 pm EST

Changing jobs is a common experience for most U.S. workers. But, what’s the right thing to do with your retirement savings plan account from a previous employer? What are your options, and how can your decision impact your long-term retirement savings?

Three Transitions to Retirement
May 17th, 6 pm EST

Are you ready to retire? You might be prepared for the financial transition, but you’ll experience lifestyle and emotional transitions as well. We can help you understand these upcoming changes and provide the information you need to better prepare for this exciting season of your life.

The Return of Conservative Investing
June 14th, 6 pm EST

In this seminar, you’ll learn how conservative investments like certificates of deposit (CDs) and annuities can help get your financial plan back on track.
A Clear Direction on the Road to Retirement
June 21st 6 pm EST

If you only have a hit-or-miss plan for generating retirement income, you may not enjoy the stress-free retirement journey you’ve worked so hard for. Don’t let this happen to you. Here’s an opportunity to attend a valuable educational seminar on this important topic, at no cost and no obligation,

Rethinking Diversification
June 28th 6 pm EST

In today’s volatile market, retirement savers face new challenges. Traditional portfolio diversification may no longer be the answer to growing your savings without the risk of losing it all. Luckily, there are new ways to manage investment risk.

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No news is good news, right? Check back for updates.
No news is good news, right? Check back for updates.
No news is good news, right? Check back for updates.