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Savings Certificates

Start with a chunk of savings. Then add a little time, a little patience, and our generous dividend rates. The result? A perfect recipe for growing your money.

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In this case, time really is on your side


Wealth Development Certificate

Start out small and build up your balance with monthly deposits. In a few years, you'll end up with far more than you started with.
  • Flexible certificate with 5.00% APY*, paid annually**
  • $5 initial deposit and a $20 monthly minimum deposit required to earn the stated APY
  • 24- or 48-month terms available
  • 24-month term has a monthly maximum deposit of $400
  • 48-month term has a monthly maximum deposit of $200
  • Required monthly contribution transfer from account once per month
  • One withdrawal allowed within a 90-day period***

Standard Certificates

Save for six months. Or 60 months. Or somewhere in between. At Commonwealth Credit Union, you can time your Certificates to meet any financial goal. Whether you're saving for a big purchase next year, your child's future, or your own retirement, our higher rates are definitely worth the wait. Track your money's growth through Online Banking. 
  • Our regular Certificates range from 6 to 60 months
  • $1,000 minimum deposit
  • In general, longer-term Certificates pay higher rates
  • Dividends paid monthly ($10,000 required for monthly dividend check)
  • Receive quarterly statements
  • Renewal options available
  • Premature withdrawals penalties may apply

IRA Certificates

Looking forward to living a comfortable lifestyle? Higher earning certificates are good ways to build up your retirement fund.
  • $1,000 minimum deposit
  • Choose certificates ranging from 6 to 60 months
  • Available for both Traditional and Roth IRAs
  • Benefit from tax advantages (consult your financial advisor for details)

Grow With Me Certificate

Every year, you watch your children or grandchildren get bigger. Now you can be certain that their savings will grow along with them. Build a better future for them with a Certificate that calls for annual deposits.
  • Only available from October 1 - 31 each year
  • Available to youth members under age 18
  • The child must be the certificate's account holder
  • Initial deposits of $250 to $1,000
  • Annual deposits must range from $250 to $1,000
  • If you can’t fund the whole $1,000 in one year, you can make up the difference the following year
  • Two withdrawals allowed at any time during the term without penalty (subject to early withdrawal penalties thereafter)

*Annual Percentage Yield. Accurate as of June 1, 2024. Early withdrawal penalties may reduce earnings. Funds transferred to a regular savings account at maturity.
**Dividend paid on the anniversary of the open date.
***A subsequent withdrawal in the same 90-day period will be subject to an early withdrawal penalty and the certificate will be closed. Insured by NCUA.

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Looking for something more  flexible?

Think of them as super-sized savings accounts. Or worry-free investment options. Money Market accounts may be hard to pigeonhole, but two things are certain: You'll earn more than you would with most traditional savings accounts, and you'll enjoy immediate access to your funds.