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Jumbo Certificates

Unlock monumental growth with Commonwealth Credit Union's Jumbo Certificate, offering unbeatable rates for your big dreams and even bigger savings!

go big, earn big

Jumbo Certificate

Introducing the Jumbo Certificate at Commonwealth CU – where your big dreams meet even bigger returns!

With a minimum deposit as grand as your ambitions, our Jumbo Certificate is designed for those who think and save on a larger scale. Perfect for funding that ultimate dream vacation, a luxurious home upgrade, or simply padding your financial future, this certificate could turn your lofty goals into reality.
  • Requires $75,000 minimum deposit. 
  • 6-month and 12-month options
  • Receive quarterly statements
  • Renewal options available
  • Early withdrawal penalties may apply
6-month Jumbo Certificate – 5.25% APY*
12-month Jumbo Certificate- 5.00% APY*
Ready to open a Jumbo Certificate? Stop by your local branch, and they'll get you set up in no time.
*Annual Percentage Yield. $75,000 minimum balance. Rate accurate as of 6/24/24 and subject to change. Monthly compounded dividends. Penalties for early withdrawal; fees may reduce earnings. Auto-renews to a Jumbo Certificate with same term at standard Jumbo rates. Limited time offer. Insured by NCUA.

frequently asked questions

Exactly as it sounds! A Jumbo Certificate is a Certificate of Deposit that requires a minimum $75,000 deposit.
Absolutely! Certificates are covered by NCUA (up to $250K) and additional coverage through ESI (additional $100K). 
Of course! The interest is guaranteed for the Certificate’s duration. 
Calculating the return of your Jumbo Certificate is easy with our Certificate Calculator.