Photo of Bettering Lives Community Trail

Celebration Paver Program

Purchase brick pavers to commemorate your cherished loved ones, etching their names forever along the Bettering Lives Community Trail. 

honor our past, treasure our present, embrace our future


At CCU, we understand the power of celebrating special people who have left a lasting impact on our lives. That's why we are thrilled to introduce our newest initiative – the Celebration Paver Program – a unique way to commemorate your loved ones.


This program offers you the opportunity to purchase brick pavers etched with the name of someone who is near and dear to your heart. Once completed, the pavers will be permanently set along the Bettering Lives Community Trail behind our Louisville Road Branch. 

where do the proceeds go?

Every time a paver is bought, the proceeds will be contributed to a charity chosen by the purchaser. Throughout March, all proceeds will support the American Heart Association. Following March, a drop-down menu will be available, allowing purchasers to select from this list of charities: