CCU employee assists a member.

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Our number one asset is our team, and every team member plays an important part in our success.
From our newest team member to our President and CEO, everyone is empowered to Better Lives for other team members and our members. Bettering Lives isn’t about “the numbers” or meeting quotas. Instead, we focus on stories and providing an extraordinary experience. Every person we come in contact with has a unique story to tell. We listen and provide personalized solutions. Our greatest success is helping people’s stories have a happy ending!

The best way to do this is to have a team that is fully engaged. We strive to have a Culture where people look forward to coming to work on Mondays! It starts with Leadership. Our leaders set the tone for what’s accepted and encouraged. We focus on things like Recognition, Coaching, Communication, Collaboration, Development and Empowerment. More importantly, we don’t limit leadership to those with a certain title. We encourage all team members to be leaders.

Better Your Career

“I came here for a job, but I stayed for a career.” We hear this from our team members all the time. There’s just something different about working in our Team 1 Culture. From our Culture Day first day experience to our extensive training program, ongoing coaching, mentoring and Career Development opportunities, we invest heavily in the success of our team. We also work with each team member to discover their passion areas so we can work together to unlock their full potential. This is a win for the team member, the credit union, and our members. It’s why the average tenure of our team members is 9 years!

Better Our Communities

Bettering Lives in our communities is extremely important to us. We constantly look for ways to make a difference and lend a helping hand. This could be through our bi-weekly Dress Down Days that support local families or organizations in need, sponsoring community events, fundraisers, collecting food or coats, participating in 5Ks, walking in parades, sponsoring Angel Trees at Christmas, or volunteering manpower at local community events. We are constantly looking for opportunities to Start the Ripple!

Grow and Succeed

At Commonwealth CU, we believe the success of the individual and team are directly connected. That’s why our leaders focus so much on coaching and recognition. We celebrate successes and encourage all our team members to get involved with this by sending Team 1 MVPs for outstanding experiences provided by a team member, as well as group celebrations when we reach important goals. The personal growth of our team members allows us to look internally first whenever advancement opportunities arise. The positive energy created is contagious!