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*Annual Percentage Rate is a variable rate and the maximum APR that can apply is 24%. A balance transfer fee of 4% of the transaction amount will be applied to each balance transfer you make with this offer. Loans subject to approval. Rate, term, and conditions are subject to change and vary based on creditworthiness and qualifications. We may end your Introductory Rate and apply the Standard APR based on the terms of your original agreement if you make a late payment. A foreign transaction fee of 1% of each transaction in US dollars if the transaction involves either a currency conversion or not will be applied.

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International Funds Conversion Exchange Rate

To determine the rate of exchange you will receive when using your Visa card internationally, please access Visa's helpful online exchange rate calculator.


Visa Checkout Offers Automatic Protection

Your Commonwealth Credit Union Visa Platinum, MYCard, Visa Classic and Debit Card are now equipped with Visa Checkout- a free program that protects your card with a password that you create.

This security feature automatically protects your card when you use it at participating online retailers. Your card must be enrolled with Visa Checkout in order to use it at participating online retailers. Registration takes just minutes. Click here to learn more.

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