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Round UP for Teens

Introducing the perfect first checking account for teens. Watch them build financial independence with full insight through our top-rated mobile app. 

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Help your teen build confidence in their ability to spend, plan, and track their money. With our Round UP for Teens checking account, your teen gets their very own Visa® debit card that can be added directly to their mobile wallet. Plus - with our top-rated mobile app, you and your teen can monitor their transactions, transfer money back and forth, and set up alerts. 
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Round UP for Teens makes saving money effortless. Every purchase using their debit card will be “rounded up” to the next whole dollar amount. That amount is then automatically transferred into their Round UP Savings account, which earns 5.00% APY*. We’ll also match 100% of the rounded up transfers for the first 90 days and 5% annually thereafter for a maximum of $250 per year.* 
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it pays to have direct deposit

Does your teen have a job? If they set up their Direct Deposit with Commonwealth Credit Union, they could get paid up to 2 days early

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Choosing Round UP for Teens is easy. Choosing the perfect car - it's not so easy. Your teen can pick from over 30 designs to showcase their style, interests, or hobbies.


Round UP for Teens gives 13-17-year-olds access to our Round UP Checking Product, complete with all the benefits, while parents and guardians who are also CCU Members have visibility and control over the account activity. 

Teens will get a Debit Card in their name. As the owner of the account, the parent or guardian will have the ability to add money and track the teen account transactions from digital banking. The parent or guardian who is managing the account will also have the ability to set up alerts on this account to help monitor their activity and balance.

CCU member parents who are joint on their account can both manage the Round UP for Teen Account. Otherwise, the parent who opens the account will have the ability to manage the account.
The Round UP for Teen Account needs to be created and managed by a parent or guardian that is 18 years or older. Teen Account users can range in age from 13 to 17 years old at the time of account creation.
Our debit cards can be used anywhere that Visa is accepted.
This checking account is a great way for teens to learn responsible spending habits while their parents/guardians can keep an eye on their account activity. It also helps them save money, effortlessly.

That is completely up to you. If you'd like to have money transferred in the event that the available balance is not enough to cover the transaction, you can choose to have funds transferred from your teen's savings account, or even one of your accounts, to cover the cost. This applies to ACHs, debit card transactions, and checks. Overdraft Protection can be set up to pull funds from commonWEALTH checking, Round UP Checking, Regular Savings, or High Yield Savings accounts. There is a $4 fee for each transaction that requires Overdraft Protection. You can also opt-out of this feature.

*Annual Percentage Yield. Rate effective as of January 1, 2024. For the first 90 days after you are enrolled in the program, the credit union will match 100% of the rounded-up transfers for a maximum of $250. After the first 90-day period, the credit union will match 5% of the rounded-up transfers, for a maximum cumulative contribution of $250 annually. The round up match will be paid at the end of the first 90 days. The 5% match will be paid annually on the first business day after your anniversary of account opening. Rates may change after the account is opened. Fees could reduce earnings on the account. Online Banking and eStatements are required.

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