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Mobile Wallet

Using your Commonwealth CU Credit or Debit Card to make payments has never been easier! Select your smartphone payment option below to learn more.
CU Pay from Commonwealth Credit Union
  • PUSH Notifications or SMS
  • View Balances
  • Transaction History
  • Transaction Threshold Alert
  • Decline Alert
  • Card Not Present Alert
  • ATM Withdrawal Alert
  • International Transaction Alert
  • Gas Station Alert
  • Balance Threshold Alert AND Weekly Balance Alert
  • HCE/CU PAY mobile wallet for Android IOS
  • Download the App now! Available for iPhone and Android devices

Available on all cards except ATM and HELP. Have questions? Please click here for our FAQ page.

Mobile Payment Systems

Use your favorite CU Card with these mobile payment systems. Don't have an iPhone or Android device? No worries! Sign up to receive alerts right here. Simply click on Create Account to get started. To manage alert features, click on Sign In.
Apple Pay Samsung Pay Android Pay