Person-to-Person (P2P) Transfers

A fast, convenient way to send money using our Mobile App

A mobile phone number or an email address makes it easy to split a dinner check with a friend, send money to a student abroad, pay the daycare provider, and more!

Send money instantly

Send money to family, friends, and small businesses instantly and securely. Use a mobile phone number or email address to pay almost anyone anywhere around the globe, anytime. It’s as easy and fast as sending an email or text.

How it works

Provide the recipient’s name and email address or mobile phone number. Money is instantly sent to the recipient’s PayPal account.


P2P on our Mobile App makes it easy to:
  • Chip in for a gift
  • Split a dinner check
  • Send money to family overseas
  • Pay your daycare provider
  • Pay for your dog’s obedience classes
  • Pay for your child’s music or dance lesson
  • Send money to a student abroad
  • Pay your personal trainer
  • Lend money to family
  • Pay for a vacation rental abroad
  • Pay the contractor
  • Send money to kids at college
  • Pay your tax accountant
  • Pay your rent
  • Send a cash gift to your grandchild
To use this feature, just click the P2P option in our Mobile App.

Don’t have our App? Download it now!

NOTE: For devices besides iPhone, iPad or Android, access Mobile Banking by typing in your phone’s browser. If an app is available for your device other than Android or iPhone, you will be offered to download it when selecting Mobile Banking from the landing page.

NOTE: There is a $1 fee per transaction. If you need to transfer funds to another Commonwealth CU member, we encourage you to use the Member-To-Member Transfer feature available in our Mobile App (under Transfers, select “To” then “Another Member’s Share or Loan”).