Group of pre-teen kids posing for picture

Youth Financial Education

When should you start talking to kids about money? The sooner the better. As an engaged community partner, we strive to educate, inspire, and motivate through our financial education programming.

A bright financial future starts today

Little minds are like sponges, absorbing all the information around them. So why not start teaching them about the value of money long before they have their first job as a teenager? Early financial education is the key to setting your children and/or students on the path to success.

Financial Education programming from Commonwealth Credit Union is all about money – how to manage, use, and save it to your advantage. Commonwealth Credit Union is here to help by providing insight and tools that empower kids to make good choices along their journey.

Common Cents on Campus

Our Common Cents on Campus financial programs are geared toward you at this unique moment in your life. Whether you are discovering how personality plays into financial decisions or making plans to save for what's important, our online and in-person offerings engage and inform as you work toward your version of financial success.

Are you a school administrator?

We may be able to help you customize a financial empowerment plan to benefit the students on your campus. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities. Click here to send an email to the Financial Education Team. Note: Confidential information should not be sent via email.