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Your Money Personality

You know your personality when interacting with people. But do you know your personality when interacting with your money? Now you can.

You can learn a lot from the Money Personality Assessment

Did you know your personality plays a big role in how you spend, save, and use your money? Find out what kind of spender and saver you are, and how emotions can sway your decisions. You can take this quick behavioral assessment and receive a free analysis of your money personality.

And there's plenty more to discover through our online financial empowerment programming. Choose the "Find My School" page in either High School or College and Universities tab and find out if your school is already one of our partners. If it's not, you can still access this beneficial information by choosing the "Guest" option in the dropdown menu when you sign up. Plus, a tremendous amount of helpful information is available without registering.

Not a student?

We all know financial education is an ongoing journey. So check out our Common Cents Financial Empowerment platform. Or if you're an administrator, we'd love talk about partnering with your school. Let's chat.