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Our Program

Whether you’re headed into the workforce, headed to higher education, or both - high school is the final step in making sure you’re ready. We’re proud to be part of that preparation with our Financial Education programming.

A Passion for education

The communities we serve will tell you that Commonwealth Credit Union is no stranger to the classroom. That's why we were thrilled when Kentucky passed a law requiring all high school students to complete financial education programming. We immediately scaled up our program, Common Cents on Campus, which now fully aligns with - and exceeds - the Kentucky Department of Education’s Financial Literacy Standards for grades 9-12.

Common Cents on Campus

With Commonwealth Credit Union's Common Cents on Campus, you can explore individual topics and access a variety of learning courses. Plus, our Financial Education Team is available as a resource to develop custom relationships, facilitate workshops, and celebrate student success.

Focuses on 3 Core Areas of Action:

  • Managing Money
  • Paying for School
  • Finding a Career

Delivered in Fun and Easy to Digest Ways Using:

  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Infographics
  • Interactive tools
  • Courses and more!

Sample Courses include:

  • Creating a budget and sticking to it
  • Using credit cards responsibly
  • Borrowing smart and preparing for higher education 
  • Finding scholarships to help pay for school
  • Investing to build wealth

KFEC Money Academy

Commonwealth Credit Union also manages KFEC Money Academy, provided by the Kentucky Financial Empowerment Commission. All high schools in Kentucky are eligible to apply to use KFEC Money Academy. 

Schools We Serve

Whether through our workshops or Common Cents on Campus, we connect with students at:
  • Anderson County High School
  • Burgin Independent High School
  • Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg 
  • Franklin County High School
  • Frankfort Independent High School
  • Henry County High School 
  • Martha Layne Collins High School
  • Mercer County High School 
  • Owen County High School 
  • Scott County High School 
We'd love to add your school, or district, to the list.

Demo For Educators

Click on the button below to explore Common Cents on Campus as a guest. Select "Teacher Demo" at registration.

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Want to get started?

Our Financial Education Department would love the opportunity take a deeper dive to learn more about you and your goals. Whether you're trying to address financial education in your individual classroom, the whole school, or your entire district - we have scalable options that may meet your needs.