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Our Program

We're dedicated to providing financial education that empowers students to lead healthy financial futures. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Kentucky Financial Empowerment Commission to make our dynamic, online platform accessible to High Schools across the state.

Exceeding the Standards, Together

Commonwealth Credit Union is no stranger to supporting high school students as they aspire toward great things. In fact, when Kentucky passed a law requiring all students to complete programming in financial education before graduation, CCU got to work. We developed relationships with nearby schools and provided an online portal that fully aligns with and exceeds the Kentucky Department of Education Financial Literacy Standards for grades 9-12.

Now, together with KFEC, we are pleased to bring access to our dynamic High School programming across the state! Together, we are excited to help more students graduate with a greater understanding of how to build a bright financial future.

How do We CU and your students Differently?

To us, you're not just a number. The Standards aren't just something to check off. Our work with you and your students is an opportunity to create generational change. So, how are we different from the other financial education platforms? 

We're Kentuckians, just like you! 
Our program is created specifically for Kentucky High Schools and managed in-state. The Kentucky Financial Empowerment Commission provides it, and we power it.

We meet the standards in a variety of ways. 
In addition to short courses, our program also offers content through articles, videos, infographics, tools, calculators, assessments, and more. There are thousands of pieces within three broad categories: Managing Money, Paying for School, and Finding a Career. 

We provide options. 
If nothing else, the last couple of years has taught us that flexibility is key. With that in mind, we have developed three approaches that schools may use in their efforts to ensure each student completes the Financial Literacy requirement for graduation:

    1. The Four-Phase Approach – organizes content into four phases, building complexity over time to meet all standards.
    2. The Standards Approach – moves standard-by-standard with varying levels of complexity under each.
    3. The Complimentary Materials Approach – offers teachers flexibility in meeting the standards by pairing our content with their own.
We invite you to take a peek at the different approaches and how they meet the standards. Registered schools will receive this document with live links.

Students can take us with them! 

Our program isn't classroom specific. Instead, it's student-focused. With this structure, you can empower your students to access our content 24/7. Students can search for scholarships, apply for jobs, get tips on buying their first car, and more. Now and in the future - even for the rest of their lives - they can explore any money topic they want. Plus - with our program, the whole school can get involved! 

See for Yourself

There is a lot of depth to our program. It even translates into Spanish. Check out these links to dig a little deeper:

And if you need a refresher on the standards, take a look at the Kentucky Department of Education's Standards. 

Apply Today!

Are you ready to apply for usage of our program at your school?

Here's how it works:
1. The educator completes and submits the KFEC/CCU Platform Application, which asks for your school, district, principal, two or more contacts, plans for use, and student population.
2. Once submitted, the principal will receive an electronic document to e-sign. Signing and returning this document affirms the school's intention to participate and allows the application to be processed. 
3. We will work with KFEC to process your school's application.
4. Onboarding will begin once KFEC has approved your school's access.

Stay in the Know

Join the Kentucky Financial Educators Network and discover opportunities to connect with other teachers and administrators. Enter your information and request to be added as a K-12 teacher.

Have questions or what to learn more?

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