Person looking at complicated computer monitors, monitoring fraud.

Protect Against Fraud

Scam artists and identity thieves seem to be everywhere these days. The best way to fight fraud? With a team effort.

There's only one you. Let's help keep it that way.

Digital technology has turned this into a golden age for fraud. The key is to react as quickly as possible if you suspect your finances or personal data have been compromised.

Start by giving us a call.
During Normal Business Hours call 502.564.4775 or 800.228.6420

If you need to report a lost or stolen card... 
  • During normal business hours, call 502.564.4775 or 800.228.6420.
  • After hours, call 866.906.4173 and select Option 2 for lost/stolen cards. After entering your card number, you will be referred to the next available representative.
Fraud Prevention Services is always watching.
If you are contacted by our fraud monitoring company, we encourage you to return their call at 866.798.3369 to verify any transactions. The service will clearly identify itself as “Commonwealth Credit Union Fraud Prevention Services.” Follow the prompts, and at any time during this call, you may press zero to speak to a live representative. 

Download CCU Card Monitor +
Our additional mobile app, CCU Card Monitor +, can also be used to control spending and stop suspicious activity on your debit or credit card. Sign up for alerts to receive notifications almost immediately after transactions are authorized.

Other Important Phone Numbers
  • FTC Identity Theft Hotline: 877.438.4338 (877-ID-Theft)
  • Social Security Administration: 800.269.0271
  • Credit Reporting Agencies:
    • Equifax - 800.525.6285 or 800.685.1111;
    • Experian - 888.397.3742;
    • Trans Union - 800.680.7289
  • Chexsystems: 800.428.9623
  • Telecheck: 800.710.9898
  • SCAN Check: 800.262.7771
  • USPS: 800.275.8777
  • National "Do Not Call" Registry: 888.382.1222
  • Better Business Bureau: 800.866.6668
  • Kentucky Attorney General: 502.696.5300