Two people looking at a laptop.

How-to Videos

They may not be up for any Academy Awards, but these short films are must-see viewing.

Get your popcorn ready

Ready to dig in and get the most out of our online and mobile banking tools? These must-see videos will show you how to set up and use some of our most popular functions.

How to Set Up Online and Mobile Banking

Let us walk you through setting up your online banking experience!

How to Make a Mobile Deposit

This fast, secure, and free method allows you to save time and securely deposit checks all from your mobile devices. Icing on the cake? It’s super easy.

How to Set Up Bill Pay

Pay your bills online and skip worrying about writing checks or paying for postage! Manage your bills, pay them quickly, and set up secure automatic payments.

How to Transfer Money

When you log into your account with the Commonwealth CU Go Mobile app, you will be given a view of all your accounts. From the menu icon, you can view loan offers, pay bills, or even see your current FICO® Score. Plus, transferring money between your accounts is secure and easy!