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Located at 600 Boone Station Road.

We don’t have membership fees. Wait, that bears repeating: ​we don’t have membership fees.​ Some banks want to scare you into believing the myth...but we prefer to use facts instead. Banks love fees, we love members.

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Commonwealth Credit Union Does Not Have Membership Fees

You’d be surprised by the number of people who ask us about fees! Here’s the skinny: when you become a member, it’s true that you make a small deposit into your savings account in order to activate it. The thing is, that money isn’t a fee… it’s yours. You can access it at any time. After all, once you become a member, you become an owner as well.

Commonwealth Credit Union Membership Eligibility is More Accessible

How accessible is it? Pretty dang accessible. In fact, guess what? Just by living in Shelby County, you’re eligible to join! That’s right - no secret handshakes, no magic words, and no super-secret passwords needed. You can walk right in and talk to one of our team members about membership with the comforting knowledge that you’re eligible. We believe in Shelby County’s motto: Good Land, Good Living, Good People.

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We want to hear from you! We are dedicated to serving our community and nothing is more important to us than you. If you have questions or comments about any of our amazing products or services, write to us and we'll show you why here, We CU Differently.


If you've never tried Commonwealth Credit Union before, now is the perfect time to see how we're bettering lives in the community! When you become a member of the Commonwealth Credit Union family, you also become an owner. That means you can start enjoying the great rates, personalized financial advice, and the extraordinary experience we provide to all our owners.

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