Women's History Month

At CCU, we take pride in highlighting the remarkable women who play leadership roles and contribute significantly to the success of our organization.

celebrating women's empowerment: a spotlight on ccu's female leaders


ūüĆü Happy Women's History Month! ūüĆü

Throughout history, women have been at the forefront of driving change, breaking barriers, and shaping the world we live in today. As we celebrate Women's History Month, we take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on the remarkable female leaders within CCU who embody empowerment, resilience, and inspiration.

Meet Karen Harbin, our trailblazing President and CEO, who holds the distinction of being the first woman to lead CCU in this pivotal role. Karen's vision, leadership, and dedication have been instrumental in steering CCU toward new heights, setting an example for aspiring female leaders everywhere.

Karen Harbin smiling with her feet up on her desk.


But Karen is not alone in her journey. Across our 17 branches, we are fortunate to have 12 female branch managers, along with one female regional manager, who each bringing their unique skills and perspectives to the table. These women exemplify the diverse talents and strengths that make our organization thrive. From financial expertise to exceptional interpersonal skills, our female branch managers play a crucial role in ensuring CCU's success at a local level.


Headshot of Bethany Patton.


    Regional Manager   


Branch Managers

Image of CCU employee Renee Taylor Image of CCU employee Crystal Kurtz Image of CCU employee Venice Oldham

  Renee  Crystal  Veniece

                    Cane Run                                     High Street                                     St. Matthews

Headshot of Bethany Holt Jamie Greene Image of CCU employee Kim Smith

Bethany   Jamie    Kim

              Lawrenceburg                                      Owenton                                          Owenton

Headshot of Erin Walker Lynette Wooldridge. Image of CCU employee Mary Gabbard

  Erin    Lynette   Mary

              Versailles                                          Hamburg                                      Shelbyville East

Headshot of Lucia Romero Sarah Murphy, employee. Image of CCU employee Toni Hodapp

  Lucia    Sarah    Toni

              Georgetown West                          Louisville Road                             Georgetown East

Diversity and representation are key values at CCU, reflected in our senior leadership team comprised of five remarkable women. These leaders bring a wealth of experience and expertise, driving innovation and fostering a collaborative work environment. Their commitment to excellence sets a standard that goes beyond gender boundaries, inspiring everyone at CCU to reach their full potential.


Executive Team

Jaynel Christensen. Patty Smith. Kim Durrum.

 Jaynel   Patty    Kim

        Chief Growth Officer              Chief Brand & Advocacy Officer    Senior VP of Member Experience

Headshot of Jessica Morgan Headshot of Lisa Stinson 

 Jessica    Lisa 

      VP of Finance and Analytics               Chief People Officer

Furthermore, our voluntary board, a crucial component of our governance structure, boasts three accomplished women who contribute their insights and strategic thinking to guide CCU's future. Their leadership exemplifies the importance of diverse perspectives in decision-making, shaping a more inclusive and dynamic organization.


Volunteer Board Members

Kay Jones. Regina Grubbs. Headshot of Jackie Duvall.

  Kay     Regina  Jackie

                 Director                                              Director                                    Associate Director


To all the trailblazing women who continue to shape history and inspire change ‚Äď happy Women's History Month! Your legacy of empowerment fuels our collective journey toward a brighter, more equitable future.