Team Member Spotlight

During the commemoration of Black History Month, Commonwealth Credit Union takes pride in highlighting the contributions of our esteemed team member, Lynette Wooldridge. 

black history month Team member spotlight: lynette wooldridge


In celebration of Black History Month, Commonwealth Credit Union proudly highlights the contributions of Lynette Wooldridge, Manager at our Hamburg Branch. With an impressive 19-year tenure at CCU, Lynette's journey has been marked by significant achievements and a commitment to community engagement.

Lynette's career path at Commonwealth Credit Union began as a Branch Supervisor. Her passion and hard work earned her a promotion to Assistant Manager, and in 2013, she played a pivotal role in the opening of the Hamburg Branch, where she was promoted to the position of Branch Manager.

Lynette believes one of her proudest accomplishments is the successful opening of the Hamburg Branch. The excitement surrounding the launch underscored the positive impact she has had on the credit union and the communities we serve.

Inspiration comes from many sources, and for Lynette, it is her children, Josh and Jeremiah, who serve as her role models. Lynette emphasized that their qualities of fun, care, and gentle leadership challenge her to be the best version of herself and never give up. 

Beyond her contributions at CCU, Lynette is actively involved in the community as a board member of the Black Males Working Academy. This initiative aims to support boys of color in achieving academic success and pursuing higher education.

Lynette's role at Commonwealth Credit Union aligns seamlessly with making a positive impact, as she is a devoted advocate for financial wellness. Her commitment to promoting financial literacy and well-being reflects the credit union's values and our dedication to the success of our members.

Reflecting on Black History Month, Lynette emphasizes the importance of continuous education about African American history. For her, Black history should be an ongoing part of our collective learning, rather than confined to a single month.

To foster diversity, equity, and inclusion, Lynette suggests that organizations like Commonwealth Credit Union should continue to play a role in educating employees and ensuring everyone feels included and valued. She underscores the importance of making diversity and inclusion efforts a year-round initiative.

For aspiring professionals, Lynette offers valuable advice: "Strategic Thinking and Emotional Intelligence will take you far on your career path." These skills, she believes, are essential for navigating the professional world.

Guided by the principles of truth, integrity, and responsibility, Lynette Wooldridge embodies the values that contribute to the positive culture at Commonwealth Credit Union. Her dedication to both personal and professional values makes her an invaluable asset to our team, and we are proud to have her as a part of the CCU family.