Christmas Member Testimonials

From skipping loan payments to Christmas savings accounts, we're here to ease holiday financial stress. But don’t take our word from it, hear from our members! 

christmas with ccu: testimonials from our members

At Commonwealth Credit Union, this time of year isn't just about Christmas trees and twinkling lights; it's about being there for our members. 

The commitment we’ve made to our members goes beyond transactions; it's about fostering financial well-being. Throughout the year, and especially during the holiday season, we're been dedicated to providing guidance, offering solutions, and easing the stress that often accompanies managing finances.

We take pride in being a part, whether big or small, of our members’ holiday. 

Here are some heartwarming comments from those members, highlighting how Commonwealth Credit Union has made a difference in their holiday financial planning:

“Great people, and my Christmas savings account is a lifesaver for the holidays!” - Hope H. 

“The thing I love most about Commonwealth Credit Union is the convenience! I have savings accounts set up for things like Christmas. The money is deducted from my paycheck, so I don't miss it. This helps me budget and reach my goals.” - Gina B

“Because they let me skip a loan payment during the holiday season!  This allows me to plan for extra holiday expenses!” - Tony G. 

“Skip a payment offers individuals a good opportunity when things get tight around the holidays.” - Angela W. 

“I love that I can transfer money around on the app from my savings to my Christmas account.” - Marsha M. 

“One amazing thing is the ability to skip one payment a year on your loan. It has given me the ability to provide Christmas to my kids some years that I otherwise could not have.” - Stacey F. 

“CCU has been a blessing and changed my life, you have given me loans to get my babies Christmas!!” - Megan L. 

The holiday season is a time for celebration, joy, and coming together. Bettering Lives is our speciality and helping our members have a less financially stressful holiday is one way we can carry out that mission. As we journey through this season of giving, Commonwealth Credit Union stands by our members, making their holidays a little merrier. 

Happy Holidays from Commonwealth Credit Union!