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Celebrating Black History Month

Commonwealth Credit Union proudly celebrates Black History Month, honoring the rich contributions of Black individuals and emphasizing our commitment to diversity and inclusion. 

Celebrating Black History Month: Our Commitment to diversity & inclusion

During the month of February, Commonwealth Credit Union proudly joins the nation in celebrating Black History Month. This annual observance serves as a time to honor the rich history, achievements, and contributions of Black individuals throughout history. At CCU, we take this opportunity to highlight our commitment to diversity and inclusion within our team members and among our amazing members.

Commitment to Diversity

Commonwealth Credit Union is more than a financial institution; we are a community that thrives on the strength of our diversity. We believe that embracing differences fosters creativity, innovation, and a strong sense of unity. In every aspect of our operations, from hiring practices to member engagement, diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of our values.

Diverse Team Members

We understand that a diverse workforce brings a variety of perspectives, ideas, and talents to the table. We take pride in cultivating an inclusive environment where team members feel empowered, valued, and supported. Our commitment to diversity is reflected in our hiring practices, professional development initiatives, and efforts to create an atmosphere where everyone can thrive.

Celebrating Black Excellence

During Black History Month, we want to shine a spotlight on the remarkable achievements and contributions of Black individuals. Whether in the fields of business, science, arts, community service, or finance, we recognize the impact that Black leaders had, and continue to have, on our society. That’s why, throughout the month of February, we have included a series of profiles of Black Kentuckians on our internal digital displays such as William B. Ray (world-renowned opera singer), Carl Brashear (first Black-American Master Navy Diver), and Moneta Sleet Jr. (first Black Pulitzer Prize winner in photography). We are proud to take this time to honor these individuals that will be forever remembered in history for achieving excellence in their respective fields. 

William B. Ray

Carl Brashear









Moneta Sleet Jr.

This month is also a time to honor the remarkable contributions of historical Black leaders within the credit union movement itself. One key figure is Thomas Patterson, founder of Piedmont Credit Union in Landis, North Carolina, the first African American Credit Union. The credit union, opened in 1918, gave lending opportunities to local farmers and offered financial education opportunities to those it served. Another trailblazer is Shirley Jenkins, the first African American woman to lead a federally chartered credit union. Jenkins' leadership at Municipal Credit Union in New York City inspired future generations of diverse leaders in the credit union industry. Without these, and many other influential Black figures in the history of credit unions, our mission of championing diversity here at Commonwealth Credit Union would not be possible. 

Inclusive Financial Services

Our commitment to diversity also extends to the financial services we provide. We understand that each member has unique needs and goals, and we are dedicated to offering inclusive and accessible financial solutions. Whether you're saving for the future, buying a home, or planning for retirement, CCU is here to support you every step of the way.

Community Engagement

Beyond our doors, CCU actively participates in community initiatives that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, including our impactful partnership with YMCA Black Achievers. This dynamic program is one of the many ways we collaborate with local organizations to support events that celebrate diversity. Through our partnership, we are dedicated to empowering young African Americans by providing them with essential tools to enhance their financial well-being. We recognize the importance of investing in the next generation and strive to make a lasting impact on their lives. The program focuses on mentorship, education, and skill-building, aligning with our commitment to creating positive change in the community.

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By actively engaging with YMCA Black Achievers and similar initiatives, Commonwealth Credit Union seeks to go beyond traditional banking services. We aim to contribute to the development and success of individuals, especially those from diverse backgrounds, ensuring they have the resources to achieve their financial goals. Together,   with our community partners, we are building a future where financial well-being is accessible to all. 

As we honor Black History Month, Commonwealth Credit Union reaffirms our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We believe that by embracing the richness of our differences, we can build a stronger, more united community. Join us in celebrating Black History Month and let us continue to work together towards a future where diversity is not just acknowledged, but celebrated every day.