A Story Behind Every Scholarship

CCU takes great joy in spotlighting the achievements of our scholarship recipients, such as McKenna Rumage, whose educational journey demonstrates the influence of learning support.

empowering futures: the impact of our scholarship program


At Commonwealth Credit Union, we believe in investing in the futures of the youth in the communities we serve. That's why we're always thrilled to share the success stories of our scholarship recipients, like McKenna Rumage, whose journey exemplifies the impact of education support.

Our scholarship program offers four deserving winners $2,000 each to pursue their educational aspirations beyond high school. Unlike traditional scholarships limited to college-bound students, our program recognizes diverse pathways to success, whether through trade schools, apprenticeships, or any other programs that result in a certification or license. We firmly believe that every individual deserves the opportunity to pursue their dreams, regardless of their chosen path.

To qualify, applicants need a minimum grade average of 2.0 and are asked to submit a five-minute video showcasing their aspirations, achievements, and how their education would contribute to their ability to better lives in the future. 

One shining example of the impact of our scholarship program is McKenna Rumage, a previous recipient whose story continues to inspire us. McKenna's journey after receiving the CCU scholarship is remarkable, as she began as our first homeschooled recipient, and is now showcasing her talents at amazing levels. 

Scholarship winner McKenna Rummage

McKenna's mother recently shared an update with us, expressing her daughter's flourishing endeavors at Asbury University. McKenna, with her passion for equine studies, found her niche at Asbury and has been thriving ever since. Despite the challenges of transitioning to higher education, McKenna soared academically, earning all A's in her fall semester. Beyond academics, she also excelled in extracurricular activities, notably as a starting varsity volleyball player in her freshman year.

What truly sets McKenna's story apart is her involvement in Asbury's Police Mount Program within the equine department. Selected for this prestigious opportunity, McKenna was entrusted with a six-month-old weanling, which she will train over the next four years for service in a police department. This unique and impactful program not only highlights McKenna's dedication but also reflects the broader opportunities that our scholarship recipients can access.

McKenna's mother expressed her gratitude for CCU's scholarship opportunities, emphasizing the significance of such support in empowering students within the homeschool community and beyond. It's stories like McKenna's that reaffirm our commitment to providing accessible educational opportunities for all.

As we celebrate McKenna's achievements, we also look forward to welcoming a new group of scholarship recipients who will undoubtedly continue to inspire us with their ambition and determination.

To all aspiring scholars, we encourage you to seize this opportunity and apply for the CCU scholarship by its deadline of March 31. Your journey toward a brighter future starts here.

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