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Payment Assitance

Unemployment Bridge Program
Kentucky Housing Corporation

Get FREE HELP Making Your home loan Payment! The Kentucky Unemployment Bridge Program (UBP) is a new forgivable loan option for eligible homeowners to assist them in making their home loan payments. To be eligible, the homeowner must have experienced a job loss or reduction in income due to changing economic conditions, through no fault of their own, and demonstrate a need for assistance.

The UBP is not for job or income loss due to divorce, death, or disability.

The job-related event must have occurred since January 1, 2009. The maximum amount of assistance is $20,000 or 12 months, whichever occurs first. Of the $20,000, the maximum amount that may be used for reinstatement–all related fees and payments to bring your loan(s) current–is $7,500.

Participants must meet the following guidelines:

  • Maximum amount of liens on the property cannot exceed $275,000.
  • Maximum of two liens permitted on the property.
  • Borrower’s principal, interest, taxes, and insurance (PITI) must exceed 31 percent of the gross monthly income.
  • Borrower must experience a 15 percent reduction in income.
  • Maximum liquid reserves is six months PITI (excluding retirement funds).
  • Borrowers must sign a hardship affidavit acknowledging the reduction in income due to no fault of their own.

To take advantage of this program or for more information, click here.