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Our Programs

We're dedicated to providing financial education that empowers students to lead healthy financial futures through programming that aligns with Kentucky's Financial Literacy standards. 

Creating Financial Rockstars

Commonwealth Credit Union offers programs designed to take students on a rewarding journey to financial empowerment. It's where they can get the help they need to understand money and live a better financial future. Students gain insight from industry experts on managing money, paying for school, and finding a career through videos, articles, infographics, interactive tools, and courses. Explore our programs below to see how we're partnering with schools like yours.

Custom High School Program

Our custom high school program supports individual instructors, classes, or departments in their effort to meet the current financial literary graduation requirement for Kentucky.

We do this by providing access to dynamic online tools featured on our student financial empowerment portal, Common Cents on Campus. These tools include our Money Personality Assessment, Scholarship Search, Resume Analyzer, Millionaire Calculator, Financial Education Courses, and more. Teachers may use our online platform resources to create or supplement their curriculum.

Complete High School Program

The complete high school program takes students through a progressive journey for a more holistic approach to financial education. With a focus on online course completions, schools receive specific learning paths for students to follow. The program may be implemented within a single class, school-wide, or somewhere in between.

Students also have access to all the features listed in the custom high school program.

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Commonwealth Credit Union is a full-service, not-for-profit financial institution with branches throughout Kentucky, serving as the official credit union of the University of Louisville.