An external photo of the Louisville Road Branch.

Louisville Road Branch Q&A


On October 30, our Louisville Road Branch closed its lobby to allow for large scale renovations.
We understand you may have some questions about how to do your banking during the renovations. We’ve answered some questions you may have below.

Live Video Tellers are still available!
The Live Video Tellers will be open to serve you Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 5:30 pm, and on Saturday from 9:00 am - 12:30 pm.

What’s happening to the staff?
Don’t worry! The faces you’ve grown to know and trust are being temporarily relocated to help out at other branches and departments, and they will return to the Louisville Road Branch once renovations are completed.

Why is the entire branch being closed?
We understand this was a big step for us to take, but there are two main reasons: Safety and Experience. Your safety and the safety of our team members is critical. With a large scale remodel like this, we want to take every precaution to ensure unnecessary safety hazards. Plus, we pride ourselves on an extraordinary experience. Dust, hammering, and sawing take away from the experience you’ve come to expect.

How long is the renovation expected to take?
18 months is the ideal best case scenario. Weather, the current pandemic, and other factors may impact the actual timeline.

Where do I go for in-person service after the Louisville Road Branch lobby closes?
We have two other branch locations right here in Frankfort, and both are only about 8 minutes from the Louisville Road Branch:
● 417 High Street, located in Downtown Frankfort
● 101 Sower Boulevard, located off the East-West Connector
Kathy, the Branch Manager of High Street, and Alvin, the Branch Manager of Sower Boulevard, as well as their staff, are ready to assist you with the same commitment and service you received at Louisville Road.

Are there any other options available for my banking needs?

Live Video Tellers
We encourage you to use our Live Video Tellers with 24-hour ATM Access, which are available in the drive-thru of all three Frankfort branch locations, Louisville Road included. With our Live Video Tellers, you can perform almost any transaction that you would with an in-person teller, all from your car.
There are also 4 ATMs located in close proximity to the branch:
● Century Plaza, located 1.4 miles from the branch
● Poplar Creek Shopping Center, located 2.5 miles from the branch
● 168 Versailles Road, located 6.4 miles from the branch (2 ATMs available)

Online and Mobile Banking
With our 24/7 Remote Banking options, access to your money and account information is at your fingertips. Our mobile banking app, CCU Mobile, is available on both Apple and Android phones. After logging in, you can check account balances, make loan payments, access Bill Pay, redeem your credit card rewards, and view loan offers. New to the app is the option to view your FICO® Score and the ability to make mortgage payments. Online banking offers all the same access as our mobile banking app, plus you can order checks, set account nicknames, and update information.

Mobile Check Deposit
Need to deposit a check? With Mobile Check Deposit, available on the CCU Mobile App, you can do just that! With your phone’s camera, you’ll take a picture of the front of the check, back of the check, and submit. When the funds are available in your account, you’ll receive a notification.

More info about Live Video Teller machines
A Live Video Teller looks like an ATM, but there’s one big difference: our members can have a real time, face to face interaction with a Commonwealth Credit Union teller via the machine. Learn more in the video below!