Single Again - Opening A New Account

Commonwealth Credit Union member service representatives are available to assist you as you open a new account. If you currently have a shared account and wish to open a new account in your own name, our member service representatives are able to assist you over the phone or in person. As a current member of Commonwealth Credit Union, you are able to remain a member for life regardless of what eligibility you used to join (yours or your partners).

There are several services that may prove useful when opening a new account:

Direct Deposit:

If you wish to have paychecks, social security payments or ongoing payments directly deposited into your account, your account number and the credit union routing number 283978441 can be provided to the employer or agency that will be depositing the funds. Learn more about Direct Deposit.

Automatic Payments:

If you have automatic payments currently coming out of your account and wish to have the payments come out of the new account, we can assist you. Just contact one of our helpful Financial Service Representatives by phone, in person, or by email.