We’ll be holding backup system tests on February 20th and 22nd at 7 PM to ensure your financial security. Our online services will be unavailable during this time.


After Hours Assistance

Phone Numbers:

502.564.4775 or 800.228.6420

After Hours - Lost/Stolen Number:

Select Option 2 for lost/stolen cards. After entering your card number, you will be referred to the next available representative.

Falcon Fraud Monitoring:

If you are contacted by our fraud monitoring company we encourage you to call the above number back to verify any transactions they are inquiring about. The call will then be connected with an automated voice that will identify themselves as “Visa Fraud Prevention Services on behalf of Commonwealth Credit Union”. You can follow the prompts and at any time during this call you may press zero to speak to a live representative.

Other Contact Information:

FTC Identity Theft Hotline: 877.438.4338 (877-ID-Theft)

Social Security Administration: 800.269.0271

Credit Reporting Agencies:

Chexsystems: 800.428.9623

Telecheck: 800.710.9898

SCAN check: 800.262.7771

USPS: 800.275.8777

National "Do Not Call" Registry: 888.382.1222

Better Business Bureau: 800.866.6668

Kentucky Attorney General: 502.696.5300

* Not all of these agencies may pertain to the type of fraud or compromise you have experienced. Please contact our office if you have any questions about who you should contact.