Switch Kit

Switch To FREE Checking at Commonwealth Credit Union

It's as easy as 1-2-3 to switch your checking account to Commonwealth Credit Union

Step 1: Complete a Checking Account Application
  • Your checking account can come with a great perfect companion- the Global Check Cash/ATM Card- a combination debit and ATM card that’s accepted at millions of locations worldwide.  You will also order new checks upon opening your account.  Keep a record of your account number (printed on your checks and deposit slips) to be used on the switch forms.

Step 2: Switch Transactions to Your New Account
  • Use our Switch Kit Organizer  to verify that all checks or automatic withdrawals have cleared from your previous account.  Be sure to leave enough money in your previous account to cover these transactions.

  • Destroy ATM/Debit Cards. Deposit slips, and checks from your previous account.

  • Change your Direct Deposit with your employer to Commonwealth Credit Union.  We can even help you complete the form.  Remember to give your employer a voided check. 

  • Provide merchants who make automatic withdrawals (ACH or Debit) with your new Commonwealth Credit Union account number and routing number (located on your voided check).

  • Cancel automated payment services, such as bill-paying by phone, or PC services, by completing the Automatic Payment Change Notification and send it to the company(ies) debiting your account.  (Make additional copies as needed).

Step 3: Close Your Old Account
  • Stop using your old checking account, but keep it open until your direct deposit and automatic payments have been changed and all your checks have cleared.

  • Notify your old financial institution that you are closing your old checking account.  You can accomplish this by mailing our Account Closure Request Form to your old financial institution.

Step 4: Sign Up For Online Banking - Open 24 Hours / 7 Days a Week!
  • Sign up for Online Banking, Bill Pay, and E-Statements by visiting www.ccuky.org.