Commonwealth Credit Union Scholars

Scholarship Winners

Our 2014 Scholarship Winners were announced at our June Board of Directors meeting.
From left, Board Chairman Alex Rose, Nathanael Sheehan, Christopher Fuchs, and Commonwealth CU President/CEO Karen Harbin.

2014 Scholarship Winners Announced

Nathanael Sheehan and Christopher Fuchs are the two winners of this year’s Commonwealth CU Scholarship Program.

Nathanael is the winner of the Nathan Leach “Reach for the Stars” Scholarship. He is a graduate of Mercer County Senior High School and will be attending the University of Kentucky. He is the son of Timothy and Lori Sheehan.

Christopher is the winner of the Adam Bender “Reach for Excellence” Scholarship. He is a graduate of Scott County High School and will be attending Murray State University. He is the son of Gregory Fuchs and Lana Grandon.

Since 2001, Commonwealth Credit Union has rewarded one of our members who is a graduating high school senior with this academic-based award. The scholarship provides $500 per semester and up to $4,000 over the course of the college education.

Applicants MUST have a primary membership account with Commonwealth CU as of January 1, 2014 to be eligible for our 2015 scholarships. If your child could benefit from future scholarships, please contact us to open your child’s membership account.


Previous winners:

2013 - Rebecca Renn, Academy of Our Lady of Mercy
2013 - James Williams, Clay County High School
2012 - Emma J. Engleman, Owen County High School
2012 - Brianna N. Lee, Woodford County High School
2011 - Evan Wright, Frankfort High School
2011 - Catherine Mountain, Franklin County High School
2010 - Sarah Blakeman, Elizabethtown High School
2010 - Johnathan Bilbro, Muhlenburg County High School
2010 - James Hines, The McCallie School (Chattanooga, TN)
2010 - Elizabeth Hollis, Meade County High School
2009 - Oakley Watkins, Franklin County High School
2009 - Khercie Smith, Clay County High School
2009 - McKinley Heflin, McLean County High School
2009 - Laura Brown, Lyon County High School
2008 - Dustin Robinson, Nicholas County High School
2007 - Shima Dowla, Dunbar High School
2006 - Jacob Wade Turner, Perry County Central High School
2005 - Matthew Akridge, Breckinridge County High School
2004 - James Bailey, Boyd County High School
2003 - Scott Moore, Breckinridge County High School
2002 - Archanna Thangappan, Franklin County High School
2001 - Bradley Tate, Breckinridge County High School