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LEAP is an account that puts you in charge of your money while letting you enjoy perks and specials just for you! If you are between the ages of 13-31, you have the opportunity to open a LEAP membership, or convert your existing membership and accounts to LEAP. Your checking account earns you interest monthly and you save money when you use your Personalize It! debit card.

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Your checking account that earns you interest monthly.


LEAP FREE is our all new savings account for our LEAP account holders that rewards you for saving! It is as simple as making a regular $50 deposit to your LEAP FREE Savings each month. You can make one deposit or several to add up to $50. After three months, you will receive your first reward. Continue this smart financial habit and the rewards add up, allowing you to earn up to $25 per year!


Unlike traditional checking accounts, LEAP UP rounds the amount of each purchase and puts the extra money into your LEAP UP savings account. We call these “Common Cents.” With every purchase, your savings account grows and grows. This checking rounds up your purchases to the next dollar amount, and deposits the extra money into your LEAP Savings.

Even better, we’ll MATCH 100% of the rounded up transfers for the first 90 days, and 5% thereafter for a maximum of $250 per year. Your LEAP UP Savings will earn 5% APY*, paid annually.**

*Annual Percentage Yield assuming dividends are reinvested. Dividend calculation does not include Debit Card returns or adjustments. No additional deposits are allowed for the LEAP UP Savings Account. Rates subject to change without notice.
**Estatement/Online Banking enrollment is required.

Oops Refund
OOPS Refund

LEAP also includes our OOPS refund. If you accidentally overdraw your account, the first one is on us. We'll give you a full refund of the overdraft fee.

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