Credit Union Service Centers

You can now conduct many of your Commonwealth Credit Union transactions face-to-face at these Credit Union Service Centers, and many more. To locate additional CU Service Centers, visit

Louisville, KY

  • 4917 Dixie Highway (2 miles from Watterson Expressway Exit 8A, on the left, next to Kmart)
  • 2925 Goose Creek Road (Intersection of Goose Creek Road and Westport Road)
  • Park Federal Credit Union, 6101 Fern Valley Road
  • Park Federal Credit Union, 134 Dr. Arla Way
  • Park Federal Credit Union, 2221 Goldsmith Lane
  • Park Federal Credit Union, 515 West Market Street

Lexington, KY

  • Park Federal Credit Union, 440 New Circle Road
  • Liberty Alliance Credit Union, 2421 Members Way
  • Liberty Alliance Credit Union, 1601 Mercer Road

Florence, KY

  • Cinfed Credit Union, 7170 Turfway Road

Henderson, KY

  • Teachers Federal Credit Union, 1195 Barrett Blvd (Inside Wal-mart)

Owensboro, KY

  • Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union, 2820 N York Street

New Albany, IN

  • Kroger Store (Park Federal Credit Union), 2864 Charlestown Road

Full services such as:

Deposits Withdrawals
Balance Inquiries Loan Payments
Transfers Check Cashing Services
Travelers Cheques Discount Amusement Park Tickets
Money Orders  
Remember Your Account Number

When accessing your Commonwealth Credit Union account at any Credit Union Service Center (including the Lexington and Louisville locations), Commonwealth Credit Union members need to remember their account number. Service Center staff cannot look up your account number. Please use your Commonwealth Credit Union membership card, the number off your monthly or quarterly statement, or the account number at the bottom of your check (if you have Commonwealth Credit Union checking).

Limitations At Credit Union Service Centers:

Some services are not available at these locations. This includes:

  • Opening or closing accounts
  • Make changes to existing accounts
  • Opening a savings certificate or IRA
  • Applying for a loan
  • Establishing or changing Payroll Deduction
  • Establishing Direct Deposit
  • Signing up for eBranch services

You may contact Commonwealth Credit Union at 800.228.6420 if you have questions regarding the availability of a specific service or a service center transaction. If you have specific questions about your accounts or loans, contact Commonwealth Credit Union.

Some locations limit the daily amount of cash that may be withdrawn. Commonwealth Credit Union reserves the right to limit or delay any available service or transaction without advance notice.

Funds Availability: Funds from your check deposits may not be available on the day of your deposit. If all of your funds are not going to be made available, your receipt will specify "local" or "non local", or may include specific information with regard to availability. Funds from checks designated as "local" will not be available until the second business day after the day of your deposit. Funds from checks designated, as "non local" will not be available until the fifth business day after the day of your deposit. The first $100 of your deposits will be available not later than the next business day. If you have questions with regard to availability of funds deposited please call a Commonwealth Credit Union office.

Finding A Shared Branching Service Center Just Got Easier

You know about the two Credit Union Service Centers available to Commonwealth Credit Union members in Louisville. But did you know that there are 2,163 service centers nationwide that you can use? Call 1.800.919.2872 from your car, on vacation, or any variety of places to get the information you need to conduct financial transactions at a conveniently located branch near you. And don't forget, you can still go to to obtain all the information you need to visit any of the shared branch locations nationwide!