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Dare to compare! Our Checking Accounts Are The Best Around!


Our standard checking account with NO minimum balance and NO monthly fees. All balances earn dividends based on the average daily balance, paid and compounded monthly.

  • Our Standard Checking
  • Click here to compare CommonWEALTH Checking and RoundUP Checking benefits


Forget about your savings account this month? RoundUP lets you save money without any hassle. Each debit transaction will be "rounded up" to the next whole dollar amount and deposited into your savings.

  • Each debit transaction will be "rounded up" to the next whole dollar amount.
  • The rounded up funds will be deposited into the Round Up Savings Account.
  • We’ll match 100% of the rounded up transfers for the first 90 days, and 5% thereafter for a maximum of $250 per year.
  • Your Round Up Savings will earn 5% APY*, Paid Annually**
  • Click here to compare CommonWEALTH Checking and RoundUP Checking benefits
  • Click here to convert your existing checking.
*Annual Percentage Yield assuming dividends are reinvested. Dividend calculation does not include Debit Card returns or adjustments. No additional deposits are allowed for the RoundUp Savings Account. Rates subject to change without notice.
**Estatement/Online Banking enrollment is required.
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Switch Your Checking Account In 10 Minutes Or Less!

Already have a Checking Account at another bank or credit union? No problem! We can “switch” all your Direct Deposits and Automatic Recurring Payments to a new Round UP or Commonwealth Checking in 10 minutes or less!

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Commonwealth CU offers a wide assortment of affordable and stylish checks. To learn more about our check styles, click here.

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(Please have your Account Number, Routing Number and beginning Check Number available)
Business or Organization Checking Accounts

Provide us with your Federal Tax ID number and we will establish your account.

* Commonwealth CU will "cover" your overdrawn check(s), ATM transactions, ACH or debit card transactions, up to $500 for eligible members with direct deposit, or up to $300 for all other eligible members. Checking account must be open at least 30 days before Overdraft Privilege takes effect. Checking account must have positive balance restored within 30 days to avoid penalties. $29 OD Privilege fee per incident. See "Rate and Fee Disclosure" booklet for complete fee information. Payments made on behalf of member are at the discretion of Commonwealth CU. This is not a contractual agreement, and the privilege may be withdrawn at any time. Please see our Discretionary Overdraft Privilege Policy for eligibility requirements.